New Year’s Eve, 12/31/21

This picture shows a snow scene on water with a clear sky, and tall evergreen trees.

Here was the Eastern sky today at sunset. When choosing one song out of many to fit this scenery on a reflective New Year’s Eve, I gave up and chose two instead. Here they are.

Song 1: “ИНОК” духовный стих

Artists: Лазурно-золотой Берег Запредельного “Azure-Gold Shore of Beyond”

“ИНОК” (Inok, the Monk) is an Old Believer folk song from the Altai region. My Russian isn’t good enough to catch most of the words. But apparently a monk is walking through a green field of flax, weeping and sobbing over his fate. In the refrain, “Cherno-Rizyi” means “O Monk (literally, O Black-Cassock).” The song ends with a prayer to the Theotokos, Queen of Heaven.

The Siberian music group Azure-Gold Shore of Beyond are proficient in many traditional instruments and songs. They also study the teachings of Sri Chinmoy.

Song 2: “Wintergatan Soundtrack 01 – MUSIC BOX, HARP & HACKBRETT”

Artist: Martin Molin

Martin Molin invents his own music boxes and other instruments, then composes music to fit. He and the Wintergatan music collaborative then post the music on their channel.

Off to work on a New Year’s story to post here…

Best wishes and blessings to all of you in 2022! – Mary

About maryangelis

Hello Readers! (= Здравствуйте, Читатели!) The writer lives in the Catholic and Orthodox faiths and the English and Russian languages, working in an archive by day and writing at night. Her walk in the world is normally one human being and one small detail after another. Then she goes home and types about it all until the soup is done.
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4 Responses to New Year’s Eve, 12/31/21

  1. owenmylife says:

     Hey Mare – It’s me Joe your friend. Sending you mass quantities of love and hope….and more than a smattering of Joy. This all at the low low price of free. I love to facetime with wonderful people. U on the list. 413 664-1195 should u get the urge.  xome

    We are not infinite.

    We become carriers ofinfinity when we love.

    • maryangelis says:

      Say there you Joe, I am 1. gonna not post your comment only because it has your phone #, for which thank you because I didn’t have your new one, and 2. gonna will call you. It is very nice to see your message! M

  2. wendyrud says:

    Happy and Blessed New Year, Mary. 🙏🦋🤍

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