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10/11/2021: A Fellowship Call

“Good Morning!” said the hearty warm voice of Colleague T. when I answered the phone. “In a few minutes I’ll be at Friends Bench. Can’t wait to see you!” I sat with phone in hand, blinking stupidly at my computer … Continue reading

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10/10/2021: Adventure with Acorns

Big disclaimer again: There are plenty of ways to safely and efficiently process acorns. Consult the experts. Don’t imitate somebody who is just bumbling around.  In our earlier episode, I gathered about 2 cups of perfectly fresh sound fallen acorns … Continue reading

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10/9/20: Fennel. Or, Keeping Up With the Wings

Big safety warning here, about fennel and everything else: This is an entertainment blog by a writer who rarely leaves the sidewalk and can only identify two kinds of lettuce. There are plenty of competent plant books out there. Study … Continue reading

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10/3/2021: Memorial Service, Neighborhood Style

The Memorial Service for Neighbor G. was on Sunday. At the local grocery I bought the universally popular party pack of choco-chip cookies, then put on Neighbor D’s sleek black classic dress and headed uphill to the barbecue area. It … Continue reading

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