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New Year’s Eve, 12/31/21

Here was the Eastern sky today at sunset. When choosing one song out of many to fit this scenery on a reflective New Year’s Eve, I gave up and chose two instead. Here they are. Song 1: “ИНОК” духовный стих … Continue reading

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12/19/21: Ferns

It just may be that every character, like every opal, has unique and complex facets. The unique facet for me just might be the lifelong drive and everyday efforts toward optimal human connections at every level, combined with astonishing social … Continue reading

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Advent Memory: A Crib for the Baby

Advent for the Catholics is the four Sundays before Christmas. (If you’re a Catholic, this year it’s November 28th through December 25th.) Back at our school with the Sisters of St. Dominic, the four weeks of Advent started off with … Continue reading

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