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11.29.21: View from the Bridge

On the day after Thanksgiving I stopped to change buses at our little student neighborhood right on the water. It has quaint old houses and gardens and charming unique family businesses and shops and open cafes and fanciful public art. … Continue reading

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11/10/21: Параскева Пятница (Paraskeva Piatnitsa, or Paraskeva Friday)

New neighbor T. would like a little help with a simple sewing alteration. She asked whether I knew someone in our complex with a sewing machine. Sure, we have lots of handy-crafty people here, so I made some inquiries. I … Continue reading

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11.4.2021: Leaf Quest

4:02 Text from Captain Wing, at Wing Family Central: Are you at work? 4:05 Text from Mary: Yes. Do you need something photocopied or filed? 4:07 CWWFC: No. When you are near home, please text me. We have Swiss Chard … Continue reading

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